Drayko X-ray vision

We protect riders skin.


By engineering our protective lining into jeans designed and built for motorcyclists, we have developed a range that delivers the best safety, comfort and style. We know that it is important to look good, feel comfortable riding. Now rider’s can be protected too.

The Drayko Riding Denim is lined with a unique knit of the world's strongest fibres. With Kevlar® and Dyneema®, the World’s Strongest Fiber™, forming its core, the lining is soft, breathable, flexible and non-allergenic.

Hugely superior to basic woven or knitted Kevlar® alternatives, Drayko takes advantage of Dyneema’s amazing strength to weight ratio.

The Drayko lining is proudly manufactured in the United States, with materials that have been adopted by the US military, it is the only lining in the world to ever pass the stringent CE tests for highway use, and still remain soft, breathable and flexible.