Protective Lining

RooMoto™ - Best in Class Protection

Drayko is powering forward and developed it’s most capable technology to date. The original RooMoto™ formula has been re-engineered to further solidify itself as the industry elite lining. The uniqueness of the RooMoto™ DNA now boasts twice the abrasion resistance with a weight reduction of 30%. A lighter lining frees the rider to wear the Drayko jean on and off the bike, in total comfort.

RooMoto™ is modern protection and Drayko control all elements of design and creation. The new lining uses military grade technology that exceeds European Standard CE testing. Our science strengthens the notion that the Roomoto™ formula is tougher than the strongest leather. The formula is non-allergenic, soft, breathable and flexible making it the premier safety technology sold in America.

Our garment inspires confidence on the bike. The knitted design is purpose fit for abrasion resistance and protection from surface damage. All of Drayko have a market leading slide time of 7.46 seconds (abrasion resistance) or 75 meters. That is further than an Olympic swimming pool. The discrete design of the lining allows full-proof protection, without sacrifice to the way you look.

The key ingredient throughout the process is trust. Every piece of RooMoto™ lining has been carefully designed, thoroughly researched and repeatedly tested. Drayko has created a lining with the customer’s safety as paramount. Rider’s trust that genuine materials have been carefully selected and no corners are cut. This proprietary technology has been in development for two decades which is why Drayko are America’s best.