Drayko Drag Test

What makes Drayko deeply special is our commitment to riders.  Designed by riders for riders we are passionate about our motorbikes, but tired of compromising looks for safety, or safety for fashion.

To prove our commitment and quality our CEO literally put his butt on the line, in the now famous Drag Test™.  The jeans performed remarkably, and the boss was ok, and he reached over 65mph.  Grant Mackintosh repeated his incredible feat a few times, before a stunt men were called in for the honors.

Since those early moments of using a Drag test victim, Drayko is the only CE Level 2 Approved jeans in the world.  CE or Conformité Européenne, translates to European Conformity’ and is a universally recognised symbol of product quality and durability.

The CE tests are applied by scientific laboratories and strictly impose minimum safety requirements for protective motorcycle clothing.  They are independent, standardised, and repeatable.  They are applied to ensure those products claiming to provide protection do just that.  To gain CE Approval means that a product has successfully satisfied all of those imposed standards.

During the stringent CE testing, Drayko jeans are put through the paces to replicate the same abrasion, burst and impact experienced during a motorbike rider’s accident. Drayko riding denim passes and exceeded all the tests so you can have confidence in your Drayko's if things go random.

It is our commitment to give riders the very best denim motorcycle protection. We equip you with denim jeans that protect your skin.